About GHR

GHR is an all natural anti-aging supplement that releases the same human growth hormones (HGH), which are naturally in decline in men and women from the age of 25.   These growth hormones start to decrease rapidly by age 35 and, by the late 50s, there is only a minor trace of HGH being released.   The decline of growth hormone with age is directly associated with many of the symptoms of aging. These include wrinkling, gray hair, decreased energy, and diminished sexual function. Lack of growth hormone contributes to increasing body fat, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and an inclination toward other aging-related diseases.

You may have observed these symptoms in younger adults, and often this is to do with a human growth hormone deficiency. Fortunately, clinical evidence demonstrates that by elevating human growth hormone, we can significantly reverse these symptoms. GHR compensates for the natural loss in HGH and achieves the following:

  • Look Younger
  • Lose fat
  • Restore hair growth
  • Regain hair color
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Improve skin texture
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Feel Younger
  • Elevates your mood
  • Improves sleep
  • Restore sex drive
  • Increase energy
  • Restore bone and muscle mass
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Reduce cholesterol
  • Normalizes blood sugar
  • Regenerate heart, liver, kidneys, lungs

GHR comes as a capsule that is digestable, small and easy to swallow.  GHR is taken every night for five straight days, then two days off. These breaks allow your body not to “get used to it” and make it more effective during the time you’re taking it.