More Energy

"I've had a particular problem for the last 50 years. A build up of plaque would occur on my teeth so severe that, every three months, I would need a dentist to remove it. I would feel inflammation in my gums if this was not taken care of. Nothing at the time could prevent this from reoccurring. On my last appointment my dentist and I was shocked. There was no plaque build-up at all! My dentist could not believe it. He asked me what I've been doing. I told him that the only thing different in my regular rou tine is taking the GHR. He became extremely interested in this product and wanted a brochure. Not only has that problem improved, but also my allergies to cats has diminished! That's not all. Due to severe arthritis, I haven't been able to play one of my favorite sports - golf. Last week I finished a golf tournament in 100 degree weather. Feeling less pain and gaining more energy with the GHR has allowed me to be more active. I think the strangest thing about all of this is, I didn't notice much of anything the first three months'. I almost gave up on the product. But after taking my fourth bottle in my fifth month cycle, I have no doubt that the GHR is not a bunch of hype, it really works'."

Jere K